The Notting Hill Osteopathic Practice
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We treat all people from young babies to the elderly. Each person is individual, with their own history and current circumstances. We treat patients with a variety of conditions, such as back or neck pain, headaches or limb injuries. We treat the whole person with the condition, rather than only treating the symptoms.

This practice integrates Structural and Cranial approaches to osteopathy: so we can treat acute conditions and deeper underlying patterns of stress and tension.


Step 1. Assess Your Symptoms and take a Case History. 

The beginning of any consultation will involve exploring your concerns, including your presenting complaints. Each person is individual and has their own history and current circumstances. We attempt to reach a diagnosis or understanding of you and your conditions.

Step 2. Treatment

Our osteopaths integrate multiple approaches to treatment, including Structural and Cranial. Through discussion and physical treatment, we are able to treat the whole person, rather than just the symptoms. We aim to educate and prevent problems, and to help patients to be healthier.

Step 3. Future Treatment Plan

Together with you, we will form a treatment plan for the future to ensure long term health. This will involve steps that you can take at home and does not necessarily mean returning to us will be a requirement. Our number one priority is your health.




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Our Team


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Andrew Ferguson DO MSc

Andrew Ferguson graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1980. He was awarded Masters Degree in Health Practice in 2003. Author of several Osteopathic academic papers and a book in 1988 called Back and Neck Pain. He is interested in the philosophy and practice of holistic health care.

Andrew treats many professional ballet and contemporary dancers and has nearly 40 years experience in the field of dance injury, technique and posture. He has a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment, recognising that emotional stress or life events can have as much effect on the body as physical injuries and tensions. His aim is to help patients to improve their own health, with the intention of long-term improvement rather than short-term temprary relief.

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Kerry Dowson BSc (Hons) Ost.

Kerry Dowson was born in South Africa and graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2002.  She was awarded the concepts for osteopathic health care prize.  She joined Andrew Ferguson in 2002 as an associate. She also worked for the NHS K&C PCT for 3 years and was part of the team with Dr. Tim Evans at his preventative healthcare practice, Westover House.  She currently works as the osteopath for the Brentford football team.

Kerry continues to enhance her understanding of osteopathy and integrated health care by undertaking postgraduate studies and MSc modules. She  works with dancers, rowers, cyclists and people from all walks of life and uses structural and cranial osteopathic approaches for her work.  She is also qualified in Aurveydic Yoga Massage.

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Kerry Ann Maguire M.Ost. DPO

Kerry was introduced to Osteopathy through her background as a professional classical dancer with English National Ballet. Experiencing the profound impact and improvement Osteopathy made on her injuries and general health, she re-trained and graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 2012, gaining a Masters of Osteopathy (MOst). Initially, she utilised her expertise and interest in sports and dance helping athletes successfully recover from acute and chronic sports injuries, providng evidence based advice on injury prevention. She has since expanded her osteopathic expertise; conducting NHS research into chronic fatigue syndrome, post graduate training in paediatric medicine and is currently reviewing the root causes of why the body falls into sickness and dysfunction. This embraces the bio-chemistry of kinesiology, nutrition and homeopathy.

She loves working with children, pregnant and post partum mothers, having completed a two year post-graduate Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO) at The Osteopathic Centre for Children. She specialises in babies with feeding difficulties and tongue tie.

Kerry uses a broad range of cranial and structural techniques, working with the patient’s body to find the most harmonious way to reduce pain, improve movement and gain optimum health. She has treated patients of a few days old to those in the later stages of life, all suffering from a wide variety of conditions and illnesses.

Janet Layne

Janet has worked as receptionist and secretary at The Notting Hill osteopathic practice since 2018. Previously she worked in NHS GP practices. Telephone her on 020 7727 7733 to make an appointment, or email

One of London's Oldest Osteopathy Practices

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Originally this practice in Notting Hill was started in the 1930s by Shilton Webster-Jones (1899-1986).  He was Principal of the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) from 1947-1967, and was taught by J M Littlejohn who brought Osteopathy to the UK and founded the BSO in 1917.  “Webber’s” practice was continued from the late 1960s by Philip Latey, a pioneering osteopath and lecturer at the BSO.  Philip emigrated to Australia in 1988, where he continues to teach and practice.  After Philip left, the practice merged with that of Andrew Ferguson, who moved from Fulham to Notting Hill in 1987.  We have been in the current premises since 1989.  In 2011 another local osteopath, Frank Ying, retired and his patients are now treated at this practice.  The telephone number 7727 7733 has been used by an Osteopathic practice for over 70 years, making it one of the oldest in the country.


The Art in the practice is by Louise Mizen