Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my GP?

Many GPs and other healthcare professionals do refer to us. However, patients can refer themselves and most see us without a formal referral.

What can I expect on my first appointment?

Your first appointment will involve the osteopath taking your case history, listening to your concerns, and trying to establish a diagnosis. Physical examination is part of this process, where the Osteopath will feel parts of your body to work out what may be wrong and whether or not it can be helped to be more healthy. We always try to treat patients on their first appointment; in some simple cases one treatment may be enough to solve the problem. Advice is often given about health-related issues, with the aim of helping the patient to look after themselves and prevent recurrences or other problems.

Children and babies should be accompanied by a parent or other adult. Osteopathic treatment of youngsters is very gentle, and often they fall asleep.

What should I wear for the appointment?

Loose clothing is best, though the Osteopaths can work through most thin items. Some patients choose to undress to their underware, however this is not always necessary. It is important that patients feel relaxed during treatment.

How many appointments will I need?

We always try to help people in as few visits as possible. The amount of treatment required is tailored to each individual. Some may have chronic or recurrent conditions that might need preventative or maintenance treatment to help them to be healthy and pain free, while others might be treated in one or two sessions.

Will I experience any pain or discomfort during or after treatment?

Osteopathic treatment is not usually painful. Sometimes people feel some minor discomfort for up to 24 hours, but more often people find the treatment relaxing, and feel calm after a treatment. Sometimes Osteopaths release spinal and other joints, making a small click. This is not usually painful, and often improves mobility. If you don’t like the idea of such manipulations please inform your Osteopath. We will only do things with your consent.

What training is required to be an osteopath?

All osteopaths have to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council by law. The council will only register osteopaths that have been fully trained with a four or five year degree or masters degree course in osteopathy. Osteopaths have to comply with annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements in order to maintain their registration.

What if I am unable to attend my appointment?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. This is to allow another patient to take that slot, as sometimes there may be a waiting list of people requiring treatment.  If you fail to cancel before the 24-hour period we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for the missed appointment.

Can I make a health insurance claim?

Patients who have health insurance can ask for a receipt and make a claim on their insurance.  It is advisable to telephone the insurance company prior to receiving treatment so that it can be authorised by the company.  BUPA and some companies require us to claim direct from them; but that is only possible if you have an authorisation code from them before the treatment. Some insurance companies require referral by a GP, but many do not.  If in doubt telephone the company.